Our Providers

Shirley Johnson

shirley johnsonShirley Johnson is a pediatric nurse practitioner and the president of Rochester Student Health Services. She has previously practiced in Mayo Clinic and currently teaches nursing and nurse practitioner students at Winona State University. Through the work of her students many health education and screening programs are made possible.




Gayle Olsen

Gayle Olsen photoGayle Olsen is a professor emeritus from the Winona State University nursing program and has been a nurse practitioner for over 30 years.





Jay Hoecker
jay hoeckerJay Hoecker is a retired pediatrician of 44 years at Mayo Clinic and also teaches at St. Mary’s University. He volunteers because there is a need that he can help fill.





Valeria Cristiani

Valeria Cristiani valeria cristianihas been a practicing pediatrician for over 20 years and works at Mayo Clinic. “I am passionate about children and teens that have the most needs. I love being at the ALC because of its students, its staff, and the community collaborations that are part of the ALC.”




Janna Gerwitz-O’Brien

Jannajanna gerwitz obrien Gewirtz O’Brien is a pediatrician in Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Mayo Clinic. She has a strong interest in adolescent health and community advocacy. She has volunteered at the ALC Clinic since it opened and serves on the Board of Rochester Students’ Health Services, the non-profit organization that runs the Rochester Alternative Learning Center Health Clinic. She is passionate about mental health. She loves working at the ALC because the students are the fantastic.